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My bags and jewelries are for those who appreciate unique, authentic and remarkable accessories: ladies, young or not, who`s style is always trendy and fashionable, who wear interesting combinations of cloths…daring to step out in something different than what the world imposes as “normality”. It is also a great choice for a classic style: a costume jacket/a skirt/a pair of jeans assorted not with sneakers…rather with heals or flats, sandals or shoes…something elegant by all means. This sort of bag will make an overall classic…different! And, why not, to men who want to have a special gift for that special person in their lives!

 The answer to my title question is not Ads, but rather Adriana, a young woman who`s madly in love with life, with the city congestion and the peaceful air of her hometown  Targu-Lapus (unique pictures found here). She loves colors and colorful things, because she believes they give you an instant boost of well being; how else, could you describe the feeling you have, when wearing a beautiful colorful skirt or seeing a painting made with tens of shades? She likes to be surrounded by people she trusts, people who can teach her something, make her laugh or enjoy a laughter together, who can appreciate her for what she is. Using her own words, I had a glimpse:

We have a small tradition within a group of female friends (master alumni), to meet one evening, every week, and do relaxing stuff… stuff that make us happy; either we go to the theater, enjoy a glass of rose wine or cook at one of us. Sometimes we might just go out, to a  place where we can dance or seat for a long talk; wherever we choose or whatever we do, we call it quality night! I feel so good while doing it!

I like being active and from some time ago (a year to be more specific), I decided not to have anymore dead time, among my daily activities. This is how I got my time spent doing handmade accessories, quality nights with the girls, reading anytime/anywhere, walking around with my boyfriend or waking up at 6 am for a good and healthy session of exercises. Although I used to be an advocate for sleeping late in the mornings, it wasn`t such a big issue switching for 6 am. Lucky me! I just refuse to have periods when I`m in bed without doing something interesting ! Life is just beautiful and it`s not worth to waste it… of course, once in a while, doing nothing has its charm, especially during week-ends!


When you do handmade objects you can always understand others` desire to do it as well. But curiosity killed the cat; knowing what drove others to start a handmade occupation is like checking your pulse: it assures you`re (or not!) on the right path!

For Adriana, it was an old desire and new discoveries:

 I`ve started to make handmade things because I crave to always wear unusual and beautiful accessories…because they make an outfit complete. No matter how plain a dress would be, if you match it with a gorgeous necklace, you`re definitively ready to party…and receive plenty of admiration! I encountered many pieces created by “ordinary people”, if I can name them this way. They were fabulous! So I`ve said to myself, why not trying yourself too? My first creations were some pins; in 3 days I managed to make 20. I started to wear them on my jackets and all my girlfriends were asking me were did I found them. Of course the pins looked different, because I was using, almost entirely, old jewelry pieces from my personal collection. Most of them were given as gifts to my new work fans. I felted tremendously proud!

My next step was to do necklaces. Well… this one took me a while! Being a perfectionist I was doing them and undoing them until I was pleased with the result. I never started with the idea of doing something for someone else; it was just my own desire to have beautiful accessories. I get inspired by daily shapes and colors; maybe a beautiful skirt I just saw earlier in a store display… and all of the sudden I find myself thinking what can I create to enhance its beauty. I made a habit to carry around a small notebook, where I put down all my ideas… there is no way I want to forget them!


Until the spring of this year, I have never heard about this type of bags… not even mention there was no way I could possible be doing them! But (there is always a but) I went to a trade show, in Cluj-Napoca (Targ de Handmade in Cluj). And I saw one of this beauties; out of curiosity I`ve asked about the manufacturing process and I was considering to buy it… but the price tag was much more than what I charge for them right now. Since I was already doing handmade stuff (combined with a tag too high),  I decided to  reconsider my options; although I knew for sure it would be an amazing and unique accessory. It was on my mind when I left the trade show, but meanwhile I was still doing even more necklaces. After 2 months of this incident, I remembered about the clutches and searched for an online tutorial or something that might show me the manufacturing process; I was guessing here and there but needed confirmations. I was lucky and found what I needed, but after trying on one, it was obvious that the process was very slow… and the lack of experience was showing on the final product; so I`ve decided it`s not for me. And continued with my personal, beloved necklaces. Some months past and at one point decided to try again; think what? I DID IT! One slight omission: I forgot to wrap the paper pieces in scotch. So I had this amazing, colorful clutche but with a low level of resistance. So I did another one, this time fully proof and show it to my friends; on the spot I got my first order from one of them. She wore it to a wedding and everyone admired it!


Well, I was very excited about learning more on how to do this beauties. Although Adriana was very nice and explain it into details, I know one think for sure: I would rather order one from her, than catching my ears doing it! She`s much more aware of all the small details, which make the difference between good and awesome, that I trust her completely on this one!

Basically you will need A4 (Letter size)  size pieces of paper, from your favorite magazine. You cut in in 8 pieces, aprox.  5cm x 13cm (2″ x 5″) each. You sort them by colors or prints, depending on what design you have in mind. The next step is to cover them with scotch (boring! as Adriana would say ). Then they will be folded and webbed. Maybe not webbing but rather inserting one into another. She does as many as she needs, and then keep them attached together by sewing them with a transparent fishing line. The next step is to attach the zipper and the inside fabric, which makes the clutche look more professional! In the beginnings, she was doing it by hand because of the shape and dimensions of the bag, with a curved needle and a thread (the curved needle is much better than the straight one- at least this is what Adriana advises us). Nowadays she switched the needle for a glue gun, which increased her productivity a lot!

 I couldn`t find anywhere roles of scotch wider than 5 cm; if it was at least 10 cm, then it would take me half the time to complete a bag. I did find in a place but it was 1 km long… Imagine me holding that role! Plus I suppose to order 98 roles… so I`m stuck with my 5 cm wide- 50 m long  scotch role. I always try to improve my methods and solve any inconveniences; sometimes I manage, sometimes I don`t!



 It takes me around 18-20 hrs to complete a bag. I`ve found many alternatives which shorten my time, but I don`t want to compromise the final result; that`s why I`m not so obsessed for the job to be the easiest or the shortest possible!

I encourage you to support Adriana in her endeavor; this type of clutche can be a unique gift or personal asset. And of course a Like on her Facebook Fan Page is a must! You can  contact her for orders or inquires at adriana.buda@yahoo.com.

If you`re in USA you can always contact us as well and we`ll more than pleased to send  Adriana your thoughts! If you`re in Romania, make sure to visit Adriana at her upcoming trade show: OH SO CHIC FASHION AND ART FAIR, on October 26th-28th, in Cluj-Napoca!

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