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Trim Ideas for Kitchen Cabinets

Trim added to kitchen cabinets is a great way to update the look of your kitchen. This is a good idea if a remodel of your kitchen is not an option. Review a few trim ideas to add a rustic furniture look to kitchen cabinets.

Crown Molding

The use of crown molding is the most common option for adding trim to kitchen cabinets. The molding is typically added to the top of the cabinets to cover the gap up to the ceiling. You can also add molding to achieve a rustic furniture look in your kitchen. Another option is to trim out the cabinets by adding a piece of crown molding to each side to cover the entire perimeter.

How to use and install crown molding

How to use and install crown molding

Dentil Molding

This is a type of molding that has the appearance of teeth. A square block is repeated many times and is used as decorative trim. You can add dentil molding to the exterior of cabinets for a unique look. If you plan to use dentil molding, then a choice of wood or plastic needs to be made. Wood is the most widely used option to install on a kitchen cabinet. Wood glue and nails are used to attach the molding onto doors or around the perimeter of your cabinets.

How to use dentil molding

How to use dentil molding

Rope Molding

The use of rope molding is a great way to create a nautical look for your kitchen cabinets. You can find rope molding made of wood or you can also add real pieces of rope to trim out cabinets. The doors of a kitchen cabinet are one area to add this molding. Another option is to use molding around the perimeter of your cabinets. One interesting aspect of this type of molding is that is is essentially a decorated piece of round dowel cut in half.

How to use rope molding

How to use rope molding

Flexible Molding

This type of molding can be added to any cabinets that are rounded or cabinets with straight lines, especially on the cabinet doors. There are different sizes available that fit on any type of cabinet if you want a finished look.

How to use flexible molding

How to use flexible molding

 Side and door trim

This type of time is simple pieces of wood that are added to the side of existing cabinets. You can use a piece of existing trim or cut and even pieces of quarter-round wood cut to the cabinet height. Attach the trim to the side of the cabinets with finish nails. If you want to match the look of your cabinets, then the trim will need to be stained or painted.

How to use side trim and door trim

How to use side trim and door trim

 Decorative door trim comes in many types used to accent the doors of your kitchen cabinets. Trim used for cabinet doors can include thin strips of wood. Another option is to transfer the measurements of the cabinets to a sheet of wood and use a stencil to create an intricate trim design for the doors.


Paint or Stain

The use of paint is common and easy way to add the look of trim to your kitchen cabinets, with the only constraint of choosing the right one, mainly to avoid yellowing (especially for white cabinets) and peeling. For best result always use a spray-gun when applying it. You can also use stain to create a two-tone look or add a strip of color around the perimeter.

Stain and paint for furniture

Stain and paint for furniture

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