On a SMALL budget: MAKING changes to your home without going broke

Accent wall using paint wall and photo collages

Call me a self-assured person, yet I believe everybody under the sun can and ought to have a lovely home. In case you’re squeezing pennies, there are ways through which you can make a snappy and welcoming home for yourself and your companions. The initial step (and this stays relevant regardless of where or how you live) is to clean your home and tidy it. By doing just those little things alone you will definitely enhance the nature of your space. And that is when you move to decorating your space. To help you make the most of your tight budget we’ve amassed a couple of supportive tips.


Painting an accent wall is a budget friendly way of making the most of your tight budget. Although cans of paint don’t cost a lot, but if you splurge on paint which is enough to cover up your four walls, you could end up spending a lot. So in lieu of painting your whole room, just go with an accent wall, making sure the chosen color is complementing the remaining elements of your room.

An ACCENT WALL could also be achieved by using a scheme with multiple photos frames, making or creating your own art or just by purchasing affordable art at flea markets.



Accent green wall made with wall paint, plus an original white artistic depiction of an apple

Green accent wall made with wall paint for  kitchen, plus original white artistic depiction of an apple (picture above)

Accent wall made with wall paint, plus a scheme of art paintings

Olive accent wall made with wall paint for a living room, plus a scheme of art paintings (picture above)

Accent wall made with wall paint, plus a scheme of photo frames

Pink accent wall made with wall paint for a kitchen, plus a scheme of photo frames (picture above)


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REMOVE ITEMS which serve no purpose

Before you begin agonizing over what you can and can’t bear to purchase, consider what you ought to dispose of. Immediately dispose of things which don’t seem timeless, untidy, or worn. Because such things do more damage to the outlook of your house rather than making it look appealing.


As stunning as custom window ornaments or a reupholstered couch might be, they are not for the decorator on a limited budget. Rather, consider tweaking what you effectively possess. Include some iron trim to fundamental white shade boards OR paint the edge of a straightforward dark end table in gold. If your inner DIY-er is up to the task, you can even paint your doors in bright colors.

ENHANCE the lightning

A fabulous plan is pointless in the event that you can’t see it, and lighting is a financially savvy approach to give rooms warm and welcoming look. Redesign an old light with another lampshade and some splash paint, and in case you’re feeling bolder, you can run with hanging barrel pendants.

BUCK up the bedding

In the event that you don’t as of now have one, think of comforter. Another duvet cover and coordinating shams can make a radical new look, which implies that going from realistic to girly, cutting edge to great, essential to pastel, can be proficient in a snap.

WORK on the windows

Include some “stunning factor” to windows with a valance or a printed shade. Supplement strong print draperies with an example valance, and the other way around. You can discover a lot of alternatives at your nearby store or how to figure out how to assemble a cornice, the wooden form of a valance that can be secured with batting and texture for an upholstered look.

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Take care of business to discover awesome deals at an inn outlet, a thrift store, a domain deal or a carport deal. Reasonable furniture is out there — it just takes some chasing to locate the ideal deal pieces for your home.


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Rida Maqbool is a writer and she currently works for Alrug. She has previously wrote for Bokhara rugs.

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