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A few days ago, a good friend of mine approach me on my Facebook profile. She wanted to know were did I bought one of my dresses. Like all women out there, whenever a special event comes along in our lives, the perfect dress  is playing hard to get. Her sister wedding is almost here, so of course she`s looking for a dress.  All the stores  have been disappointing her, so she decided to look for help someplace else.

When I went to see the picture she mentioned about, I realize she was referring to one of my own creations. With all honesty I`ve told her that I made the dress. REALLY?  Well… the idea was mine and Mrs. N helped me with the fabrication process (I haven`t yet learned  the trade of sewing… but like  Hubert de Givenchy was saying:  you steal rather than learn, I`m on my course of stealing quite a lot). She was visibly surprised, because we`ve been friends for a long time and I`ve never mentioned about this passion of mine. I almost had the felling that she thought we were in this situation  because she was out of the country for several years… en contraire mon amie, I`m just not the sharing type as you probably do know. And then she pop-up the question:  HOW DID EVERYTHING START?

Good question for a homework. So I`ve rewind all the past, until I got to the beginning. I had a party coming soon: another friend of mine, Ioana, has the most beautiful twin girls I ever saw  and she invited me to their baptism. Now, my soul friend Ioana (that I`ve known from college) is a fashionista, always beautiful and a with a great outfit (actually she even has a blog about fashion: Fashion Spot, if you`re curious about her). SO the pressure was at high levels! Especially since the other female guest were sharing Ioana`s taste for beauty and clothes!

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I learn from past experiences:  when you go shopping for a certain  clothing item, you never come home with it. So, before even starting, I gave up the idea of going shopping at the Mall. Instead, I started searching my closets. Well, well, well… I had a great surprise: in one of them I found a large vintage skirt… and when I say large I mean really LARGE. I just loved the color: almost like a mulberry! I started to play with it, imagine it in different ways and decided that we`ll go together to my soon to be party!

With the help of my gifted Mrs. N, the dress was almost ready. But something was missing… what was that, I had no clue! Applying the search rule,  but this time, in my small drawers filled with beads, little stones, buckles and all other decorative accessories that I always buy every time I spot them, without having a specific intention for usage.

And I found: that clutch bag  from Accesorize that I have never worn. I have bought it for its beautiful embroidery and the same embroidery will be that something  on my dress.

This is how it all begun… and this how it all came along!

Author: Anca Oniga

For inquiries you can contact me via email oniganca @yahoo.com or through my Facebook Profile.

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  1. Ioana

    Such a beautiful story! and you are so beautiful darling :X

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