I wanted to become a designer, so I can design cars. Then got a job interview, and realize that for  90% of the industrial designers in the car industry this means drawing mirrors, components, and not quite a car. So I switch to interior design. And now I build furniture. For future? Challenging projects.

This will be a 30 sec infomercial that could describe Mihai`s passion for design. What stroke me most was his training in various fields of design. But soon I discover the reason for this not so often seen ability: he comes from Romania, an est-european country, where people are still going  to school to learn how to do many thinks, instead of just one.

Probably this is why Mihai needs to be involved in challenging projects, like the stated above. For him this means not only  the design phase, but also the construction phase. Currently he manages a company that builds custom made furniture and he is a co-founder of Open Square: Architecture & Interior/Industrial Design, a NYC interior design firm; I was surprise to see how interesting and various their projects were.

Theoretical background

Mihai has a Bachelor degree in industrial design and industrial engineering. Besides this he continues to study interior design and lightning design. He has a keen eye for graphic design (with capabilities of using both Adobe Suite Software- Photoshop & Illustrator–  and Corel Draw) and a great hand for pencil drawings. His company only offers real 3D renderings, made with a high level of photo-realism using 3D Studio Max. For development of engineering solution, he pointed out that Solid Works does a good job form him; and I have to trust him on that one. With all this artillery  in his hand you would expect pride and know-it-all attitude; but this is not the case. He is funny, down to earth and very friendly.

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Favorite design: Concept Car -Automotive Design Contest for Peugeot

I was curious why he chosen this one and I also wanted to know if he would change something to it.   He clarify it for me.

It was interesting to experiment with lines and shapes. It was one of my first 3D projects, so out of nothing  (pencil sketches) came something (3D model).  It was so much fun, that I would do it all over again… when I`ll have that kind of time in my hands.









Favorite projectPirelli Showroom in NYC

I was very surprised when I saw the pictures. Mihai`s team build some really original items for this huge client. For more photos regarding this project, check his company Facebook Page or read this article in Interior Design online magazine. Mihai offered me his insight about the project.

 I was very fulfilled by Pirelli project. Virginia Harper and ChangeD from Italy created some very unique items for this gallery. They chosen to use a lot of rubber (more than I ever imagined I will use in a project) in order to match Pirelli`s specialty. Overall our team learned a lot and accomplished a lot.


Future plans

I`ve asked Mihai were does he sees himself in the next five years. He really has some ambitious plans in his mind.

Through my company I want to link as much as possible interior design to custom made work. I really believe that a great interior cannot be accomplished without custom work (and when I say custom I mean CUSTOM, not just adjustments of measurements or copying someone`s design). Every designer is creative and can produce something truly unique for his/hers client. Something that fully emulates the client`s personality. And this were we step in:  we can manufacture any design in this world without ruining the designer`s creativity, because we are also designers, capable of understanding a vision.  It`s a trade too often made  by design professionals, when builders lack extra qualifications.

In a world of competition is refreshing to meet someone who is not so eager to put down his colleagues, but rather work with them… and learn from them.  Someone who is fully passionate about design and sketches. A fully engineered mind that thinks before offering you a solution. An entrepreneur that wants to do business for the sake of doing business the right way, not earning money. Someone that will do the extra mile for your project and treat you with respect and honesty!

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If you want to connect with Mihai Buleu Hoza, you can use several social networks: Linkedin, Twitter, Coroflot, Pinterest and his company Facebook Page.

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