Ludmila`s Dress

Since a few days ago I have a name fixation… I haven`t heard it before, or at least I did not pay any attention to it: LUDMILA. It sounds so interesting and makes such a pleasant sound, that while my thoughts were keep repeating it, my mind imagine the woman that could carry it. Out of desire to imagine a perfect being, I`ve conducted a small research over the Internet, and on a mysterious foreign website I found some very intriguing details: it`s a Slavonic name and it means loved by those around; independent woman, who loves innovations, accomplishments, as well as support and reliance. She`s able to transform each ideal into a certitude, and she prefers well thought so things, with a high affinity towards creation rather than enjoying her creations. She cherishes manners, quality clothes and everything that has real value! This is LUDMILA and I got inspired by her!

I could easily find myself in this description, so I followed my instincts.


A delicate veil, an elastic material and sandy beads made a match for Ludmila`s outfit. I `ve chosen a colorful print and a fresh apple green fabric;  to instigate a genuine interest I`ve opted for tailoring details and contrasting  textures.

The devils lays in the details, so each bead was carefully hand attached to the V cleavage, to the shoulders and lost on the train  of the dress, while leaving the back opened. What a difference did they make!



I wanted to create a versatile and  unique outfit,  so you can imagine why I opted for 2 pieces, that can be worn together or separately, depending on your state of mind. The train is flowing  romantically along the body, while the low cut incites the viewers imagination.


Ludmila`s dress was a new approach for my style . Two pieces forming a single outfit, while still embedding my must have qualities:  sensuality, feminity, confidence and mystery! Enjoy the pictures!



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  1. Sandra B.

    Wooowww, cred ca asta e rochita mea preferata pana acum: de fapt toate, dar detaliile imi plac la nebunieeee:X te pup :*

  2. Ionut

    Foarte frumoasa, atat rochia, cat si tu…inclusiv in ultima poza ..:)

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