Lace, the eternal temptation

 It`s party, baby! What better times to be gorgeous (head to toes) at all events  than now? It`s the perfect excuse to wear fluid, extravagant dresses, with lots of volume  that you can be sure will not pass unnoticeable! Today`s post is about one choice from this lavish land, made from silk and lace.


 Since I`ve mentioned quite a few interesting things about silk in a previous article , today`s attention goes to lace, which like silk has cast a spell on history. Its true origins are still unknown, with many stories around it. One of them says that a woman from Venice had a coral from her sailor lover as a souvenir; while waiting for his return she started to copy the coral patterns using a thread and a needle.

Flandra, part of today`s Belgium , and while we are at it Belgium has many things to offer in terms of visiting has always dispute with Venice its right to be consider the inventor of lace; competition which lead to the technological   and aesthetics progress of this product. The obsession reached its peak in XVII century, when there was no such thing as clothes without lace for wealthy people. If today we might laugh when seeing a man wearing Armour and tall lace collar, in 1693 for Prince Charles Louis and his brother this was uniform.  Lace was used for everything: dresses, collars, gloves, shoes, carriages, thrones, furniture, altars and even door handles. But keep in mind: too much lace is allowed only in royal cases!

 There are many types of lace, depending on the fabrication process: lace made using a needle, small hammers, with a ribbon, from nodes, knitted or braided. The materials used are also various, ranging from linen, silk, cotton or synthetics, up to gold, silver or copper, depending on the desire to impress. So we can agree that a special lace, a natural silk and a remarkable event go hand in hand. For my materials I used the same boutique : Eli, in a gray pearl for the lace and the silk.

 I was eager to start the work, playing with everything that I bought. Initially I wanted a tight dress, with the back covered only in lace. After discussion with my client, I abandoned this sexy look for a more romantic and refined one. It will enhance  femininity in a more  subtle way: long, fluid dress, and deep leg cut. One shoulder is open, with small lace insertions, and the other one has a piece of lace dropping like water in a rainy day. The textures are sensitive and hard to work with, but I felt in love with them. What do you think? Enjoy the pictures!

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  1. Marina

    buna , iti multumesc pentru comentul dragut de pe blogul meu 🙂
    e frumoasa rochia aceasta :X imi place mult culoarea si modelul 😛

    te pup

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