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My name is Matthew Negron and I am an Industrial Design student preparing to enter my 5th year at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. At NJIT I am part of the Division I athletics program and have been heavily involved on campus in a variety of roles. Currently I work full-time for a high end furniture company, known as DESIRON, which is located in New York City.





Matthew is no stranger to our blog. He`s  a very talented young man, with lots of positive energy and creative thoughts. We had the pleasure to meet him in person, and it stroke me how much passion, for design, a single person can retain. Besides the custom candle holder below, you can also see this KL Side Table, which was featured in an earlier post.

Inspiration surrounds us, and in Matthew`s case came all the way from the fashion sector. He blames it on  Karl Lagerfeld. If I may use his own words:

Karl usually has designed with a monochromatic color scheme and a minimalist perspective. I wanted to take Karl’s design ideals and translate them into furniture /product designs.

Basically what he is eager to do is to innovate the shape of products. Sometimes it might be difficult, for various reasons, but he achieved it so far at pretty high rates.

The Candle Holder was made from Corian, with a Black or White finish. Nowadays it`s a very acclaimed material, because it can be modeled under any shape and used virtually anywhere. Depending on the project, sometimes it might inconvenient you. In Matthew`s case, this resulted in some drawbacks:

The drawback was machining the corian to get the overall shape I had desired. I had actually broken a band saw blade and embedded the blade into the corian, because the material is so dense to cut through. I would recommend cutting corian in the smallest thicknesses possible and to go very slow on a band saw. Cutting corian takes patience and a bit of finesse.

If you are ever working with corian and want a very smooth finish wet sand the corian with 800 grit sand paper. Also, wet sanding the corian will take away any visible scratch marks and/or discoloration that may have appeared while machining the corian.

The final product came out great. Functional and aesthetic, a pure concept delivered properly.

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The majority of his products were built at the DESIRON factory in Kenilworth, NJ and from his very own backyard in Union, NJ.

If you want to learn more about  Matthew and his work, check his  LinkedIn Profile.


Designer: Matthew Negron

DESIRON Industrial Design Intern
NJIT Design Tutoring Manager
NJIT Swimming Co-Captain
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