How to create a stylish wet room

Seen in everything from high-end hotels and luxurious spas to typical family homes, wet rooms are now popular design features, along with choosing wash stands. If you’re keen to take this contemporary twist in your bathroom, keep reading. The following design tips should help ensure you create a stylish and practical space.

Ensure your drainage is spot on

Wet rooms may look simple, but there is a science behind their design. Unless you don’t mind splashing around in rising pools of water in your bathroom, you’ll need to make sure your wet room base is angled at the correct gradient. Too flat and water will gather. Too steep and the space will look strange and be uncomfortable to use. The easiest solution is to purchase a ready made wet room deck or basin. This will be set at a suitable gradient, meaning you don’t have to do the calculations yourself. You’ll also need effective drainage solutions. Specialist suppliers like Harmer Drainage offer drains with horizontal or vertical outlets and a selection of grate designs.

Photos courtesy of Harmer Drainage

Photos courtesy of Harmer Drainage

Select the perfect shower head

The focal point of your wet room will be your shower head, so it’s important that you select one that’s exudes class and sophistication. Forget cheap and tacky plastic fittings. Instead, it’s much better to opt for elegant stainless steel or chrome designs. For a truly contemporary look, and a luxurious shower experience, choose large but ultra-thin versions that fix into your wall. This is a simple way to create a sleek spa look.

Choose pale tiles
Of course, your wet room must be completely waterproof. This means you’ll need to tile the whole area and make sure it is properly grouted. To create a sense of space and openness, it’s best to opt for light tiles. For example, pale stone can be a good option. You could also add visual interest by including mosaics in this space. Meanwhile, be careful when you’re choosing the materials for your floor. Highly polished tiles can become slippery and dangerous when wet, so it’s best to go for something with a textured surface.

Opt for a glass screen
The whole point of wet rooms is that they help to open bathroom areas up and give them a spacious, modern look and feel. This means that when you’re choosing a screen to protect your loo and sink, glass should be your go-to option. This transparent material ensures visual flow between the shower area itself and the rest of the bathroom and it’s by far the best option for these partitions. Just be sure to choose a screen that’s easy to keep clean as unsightly smears or a buildup of mildew on these sections of glass can spoil the look of your bathroom.

Photo courtesy of Open Square Design

Photo courtesy of Open Square Design

As long as you follow advice like this when you’re designing a wet room for your home, you should succeed in creating a space that exudes style and also feels great to use. Meanwhile, if you’re short of inspiration, you can take a look at examples of these rooms online. This should give you all the ideas you need to get started on your own project.

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