A well-decorated guest room that is equipped with modern accessories helps to create a feeling of home for your worthy guests. You can make your guest room more welcoming and comfortable by renovating the spare room in your house while taking care of the privacy of your guests. It is no more a hidden secret that getting a sound sleep away from home is not easy, but a well-maintained guest room that accommodates the needs of the guest with comfortable and cozy bedding would definitely make your guest feel at home.

The basic idea in mind for decorating the modern guest room is that it should be calming and soothing that makes your guest feel relieved when they finally throw their bags on the floor.  No doubt guest are considered as the gift of God and needs to be taken extra care of and welcomed with an open heart. The best way to show your gratitude to the guest is by decorating your guest room as per modern guest room ideas.

Enlisted in this article are the five creative ways to transform the guest room into a luxury retreat for your guests.



You should not focus only on style but also on ways in which you can provide more comfort and relaxing atmosphere to your guest. To make your guest feel at ease, being cared of and given proper protocol the best thing you can do is create a perfect bedside setup that contains all the general accessories that might be used by the guest anytime.

Bedside Setup

Decorating for a perfect bedside setup

You can add to the décor of bedside setup by placing a bedside table lamp or to give a natural look you can also use lanterns. You can also put fresh flowers in a vase on the table as a welcoming gesture.




2. UTILIZE THE POWER OF COLOR to impress your guest


The good thing about the use of colors is that they can cast an everlasting positive impact. The guest staying in the room painted with vibrant color and wallpaper on the back wall of the bed would make your guest enjoy his stay and counter his loneliness to some extent. Secondly, using colors is a good way to strengthen friendship bond with the guest and please them in a way that they always enjoy visiting your place.

If painting an entire wall is something you are not found of, adding a pop of color through art is always a good idea.

Art in interior design

Color pop up using beautiful art

Or just a splash here and there of a colored wall decal; decals are not expensive and could easily treated at a DYI project.




Wall decals

DYI: adding a splash of color using wall decals









3. INVEST in some good season COMFORTERS AND PILLOWS

You should give first preference to cater the needs of your guests. Moreover, everyone has different sleeping patterns and preferences as some use one pillow whereas some people prefer more than two pillows so be sure that you place extra pillows and sheets. Make sure that you are well aware of the requirements and preferences of your guest. Place a comforter that can be used to beat the warmness of the weather.


4. FURNISH appropriately

The summer vacations are the best time to update your furniture to welcome your guests. The basic guest room necessities include a cozy bed with bedside table and lamps and a large dresser.

Books for your guests

Custom made reclaimed wood shelves for books in a guest room

Add those accessories that are useful for your guest such as a rocking chair in which they can spend some quality time after a tough traveling day. The guest also appreciates a study corner with a nice collection of books.

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Walnut Bookcase


5. BASIC necessities

Lastly, make sure that the guest room is equipped with all the necessities such as a Wi-Fi connection so that they can easily browse their office work away from home. It should also include cookie jars or other food items to address their midnight hunger needs. Make sure that the guest room has an attached washroom with a neat and clean towel and basic amenities of soap, shampoo and toilet papers. This setting would show your concern and love for your guest.

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