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I always wanted to be an architect since I was very little. Passion for Interior Design came later when I started working for Yabupushelberg in Toronto.

Delphine Mauroit was my first contact with an architect in New York City. With the  American sweetheart looks and the sexy French accent it made quite an impression on me. Big blue dreamy eyes, a feminine fashion style and fit physique; all the qualities so you can  easily mistaken her for an artist. And you wouldn`t be far from the truth: a person who dedicates her time and passion in reshaping a  space can and will be considered an artist.


Delphine received a License in Architecture from the University of Brussels – Victor Horta Institute in Belgium. She raised from senior designer to head architect, and in 2009 opened her own European boutique studio DMDesign & Architecture in the heart of New York City. Her portfolio includes very well executed designs, in both residential and commercial areas. Usually designers try to stick to one or the other; not Delphine: with a vivid talent for art and drawings she managed to excel in both domains. One day I stopped by her office and I had to see her drawing talent in some pencil renderings that she had made for one of her projects; it`s not something that you see every day. But for her as a designer is an important quality that makes the difference from competition.


Every designer must have a favorite project.  Sometimes it`s easy to choose, sometimes it`s difficult. Delphine was kind and told me about a few projects, that she kept close to her soul in past years:

One of my favorite projects was a Penthouse in Washington that I worked on when I was working at YP. It was a residential project very high end and elegant with beautiful finishes and furniture. The other one was the Andaz Hotel on Wall Street during my years at Rockwellgroup and the third one is the lounge I designed myself called The Raines Law Room.

I had to include some photos; it`s a must for the seeking eye of beauty!

Favorite: Washington DC Penthouse.


Favorite: Washington DC Penthouse.


Favorite: Washington DC Penthouse.




        Favorite: The Raines Law Room was transformed from an ordinary store space tucked underneath the Chelsea Inn Hotel into an intimate, sophisticated and eccentric  lounge, a symbol of New York Salons backlash to the 1896 alcohol prohibition law.




Favorite: The main stage is lined with brick and gilded-papered walls. As visitors enter, they play a leading role in a flexible and playful decor crafted by the Artist.


Favorite: The Raines Law Room  is elegant yet versatile with heavy golden-accented Chesterfield sofas mixed with airy dark brown veils and draperies, all complimented by such old-world details as concealed doors or “portes cachées” and hand-finished bells which can only be heard by leather apron-wearing kitchen staff.




Favorite:  Andaz Hotel on Wall Street.


Favorite: Andaz Hotel on Wall Street.


FavoriteAndaz Hotel on Wall Street.




Nowadays the most common question that you hear is What future plans do you have? So, I had to ask  Delphine the same simple question. Her answer was honest and nested a genuine desire and a big dream:

I would see myself based in Europe with projects in different cities (New York City, Paris, Brussels…)

The perfect dream for anyone: travel around the world, create wonderful spaces and enjoy the multi-culture offered by each one of this unique cities. I cannot do anything but wish  Delphine the best in her adventurous endeavor. She has talent and courage, so I`m pretty sure she will achieve her goal!

If you would like to learn more about her work, more project are display on her studio website. Personally you can connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook Fan Page or email.

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