5 O`clock!

It`s quite a busy period right now! Although days are long and full of light, work piles up… leaving very little time for meetings with old friends. Still, second by second it flies as I like:  after work, it`s time for sketches, tries, sewing and… enjoy unscheduled visits at my little work shop.

A few days ago, Cristina, returned for short period in this old little town. Excited by this event we managed to quickly setup a meeting; I still cannot believe how rarely we see each other, so every second is cherished and fructified at maximum! 5 O`clock! Perfect time for a tea between two old friends; soon we were catching up for hours with the latest events in our lives! Of course my new passion for design was brought up really quickly. It was almost unavoidably since she wanted to take advantage for a special event!

I`ve showed her my latest creations and she instantly felt in love with Ludmila`s dress. For her occasion it wasn`t quite suitable, so I suggested a different approach; she said YES without thinking too much. I feel very lucky for receiving so much trust from my clients!

 The perfect Spring Green suppose to accentuate the suntanned earned this summer and the details were from the same exotic and fine line: feathers and sea shells.  Cristina has all the qualities to wear a seductive, provocative and daring concept. The fabric was elastic so it was emulating the shape of the body perfectly. Wearing this type of dress involves being aware of  your physical advantages and have lots of self confidence!

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The back was open, and the dress was ending with  a subtle back train. Although daring, it was revealing only as much as needed; a lot of people consider the back a physical trump, which is revealing the sexuality of a women, almost like a subtle flirtation game, while still keeping her feminine.

I was hopping Cristina will join me for a photo session. But old habits die hard, so I couldn`t convince her. It was just me and my creation, with backstage support from my client. This time I chose a rough landscape… what do you think about it?

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  1. Ioana

    Esti foarte talentata !! rochita este bestiala :*

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